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JEI Problem Solving Maths will help students who are already advanced in
maths, or who simply enjoy seeking a good challenge. The programme further
develops critical and analytical thinking skills by exposing students to
various types of complex questions. It includes maths problems similar to
those found in competitions, such as America Maths Competition and
National Maths Olympiad.

Here, the focus is on reasoning, inference and problem
solving strategies, which are much-needed skills
for solving the problems.

Key Features of
JEI Problem Solving Maths

  • 1 1

    Seven major critical
    domains and
    two creative thinking

  • 2

    Develop critical thinking
    and problem

  • 3

    Common Core
    related questions.

View Sample

This is a sample workbook that shows various parts of the actual Problem Solving Maths workbooks used at JEI.

Learning Objective Chart
This is a chart that shows the learning objectives for both Maths and Problem Solving Maths programmes.

Problem Solving Maths

Level D

  • Finding the missing numbers in addition and subtraction
  • Understanding number line
  • Making addition and subtraction sentences
  • Comparing numbers using inequality symbols
  • Reading and making graphs
  • Composing and decomposing numbers

Level E

  • Comparing 3-digit numbers
  • Recognising unit fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)
  • Addition and subtraction of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers
  • Inverse relationships between addition and subtraction
  • Understanding symmetric figures
  • Recognising polygons and their characteristics
  • Telling time and reading calendars

Level F

  • Multiplication and division of 1-digit numbers
  • Making multiplication and division sentences
  • Finding the amount that a fraction represents
  • Addition and subtraction of 3-digit to 5-digit numbers
  • Recognising rectangular prisms

Level G

  • Making multiplication and division sentences
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals
  • Rate problems
  • Finding perimeter of shapes
  • Finding pattern of sequences and desired term from the sequences

Level H

  • Operations and place values of numbers
  • Word problems with variables
  • Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers
  • Word problems with fractions
  • Measurement with decimals
  • Calculations involving money
  • Perimeter and Area of figures
  • Angles formed by lines and triangles

Level I

  • Rates and ratios
  • Solving problems with percentages
  • Operation of decimals
  • Understanding the coordinate plane
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Solving equations or inequalities
  • Finding surface areas and volumes
  • Interpreting data using a box plot
  • Finding probabilities of dependent and independent events
  • Greatest common factor
  • Least common multiple

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