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The Learning System For Your Child

JEI's internationally acclaimed Self-Learning Method will help develop confidence in children with an individually paced, step-by-step learning programme. Once inspired and motivated after starting with our programme, children can begin to enjoy learning independently furthering their potential growth exponentially. Take our proprietary diagnostic test at a JEI Learning Centre to get started. The assessment will pinpoint the lacking areas and prescribe an individual study programme based on needs.

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A Comfortable Starting Point Leads to Accelerated Progress

It is crucial that students begin at a comfortable starting point. The prescribed learning programme for the first few weeks is remedial and will thus seem easy. This helps to build confidence in every student, but especially in those who are behind in their school work; their progress will accelerate once they have filled in the gaps, and they will eventually move ahead of their school level.

A strong foundation is essential for long-term success. Students must master the concepts and skills specific to their needs before their progress can accelerate.

The Three Advantages of the JEI Self-Learning Method

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    The Scientific Diagnostic System

    JEl’s proprietary diagnostic system will pinpoint a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive a two-page analysis report which explains how the prescriptive study programme is prescribed for each student.

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    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Well-aligned with State Standards, our curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding of Maths, English, Reading & Writing, Problem Solving Maths, and Critical Thinking.

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    Individually Paced
    Step-by-Step Learning

    JEl’s programme is self-paced with a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone. Students only progress when they have demonstrated proficiency in each objective of the prescribed study programme.

JEI Learning Centre International

JEI is a leader in global education and has been helping children for over 40 years in achieving academic success.

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