• Why JEI?

    JEI believes that all children have unlimited
    learning potential. JEI's scientific, effective
    educational system provides an individualised
    learning programme based on needs and ability.

  • Advance with JEI!

    JEI's Customised Learning Programmes are
    tailored to each child's individual needs to
    help prevent summer learning loss and
    excel in the new school year.

  • The Diagnostic System

    JEI's comprehensive
    diagnostic system will
    analyse each student's
    test results, pinpoint the
    student's strengths and
    weaknesses, and prescribe
    an individual study programme.

JEI Workbooks

JEI's programmed workbooks are designed to be
self-learning and to make learning easy with three
key features: clear learning objectives, small steps,
and spiral structure.


JEI Learning Centre

Well-qualified instructors combined with a proven
method and low student to instructor ratio are
what makes JEI the best option for your child’s
educational needs.


Getting Started

  • Find A Centre

    Find your nearest JEI Learning Centre.

  • Schedule A Visit

    Schedule an appointment to take the JEI Diagnostic Test.

  • Take A Diagnostic Test

    A diagnostic test is administered to determine your child’s educational needs.
    The results will be organised into the Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR).

  • IPPR Consultation

    Once the Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR)
    results are available, a JEI Learning Centre team member will
    schedule a free consultation with you to review the results and
    recommend programmes for your child.

  • Enroll Your Child

    Allow us to amaze you and your child with
    JEI’s Self-Learning Method. Students can enroll with
    JEI during anytime of the year.

Centre FAQs

JEI Programmes


  • 1Encourage conceptual understanding through easy and small steps.
  • 2Build a strong understanding of mathematical thinking upon all domains.
  • 3Strive to build self-learning behaviour along with the programmed workbooks and diagnostic system.


  • 1Grammar skills are introduced and practiced.
  • 2The skill is incorporated in a short story.
  • 3The same skill is practiced using the contents
    from the short story. 

Reading & Writing

  • 1Foster reading comprehension, writing,
    proofreading, and editing skills.
  • 2Explores various types of literary genres in
    each grade level.
  • 34-week programme that progresses naturally with
    the introduction of ten fiction and nonfiction books.

Problem Solving Maths

  • 1Build basic skills of problem solving.
  • 2Develop critical thinking and problem
    solving strategies.
  • 3Features Common Core type questions.

Brain Safari

  • 1Include seven major critical thinking
    domains and two creative thinking domains.
  • 2Develop and enhance overall cognitive ability.

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